Jos, 2011

I was born in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, on 19th October 1962. Valkenswaard is the town where I grew up and I still live here.

I got my first saxophone when I was a kid. I do not remember exactly, but I think I was trhee years old.


When I was twelve years old I started playing the drums in a local drumband, called UNA.


Two years later I became a member of a local carnivalband, called "Hofkapel".


In UNA I changed from a drummer boy into a trombone player.


In 1980 when I played the trombone for a while, I started playing jazz in a schoolband called Dirty Tones Jazzband.



Dirty Tones Jazzband with Jos de Brouwer (trb), Peter Geudens (trp), Frank Roberscheuten (cl, sax), Sjoerd Rutten (bass), Ad de Brouwer (dms), Sed Ignacio (bjo).



A few years later : name of the band changed : Falcontown Jazzband. John van Oorschot became the new banjoplayer.



Jos playing the trombone. 



In 1983 I started playing in a New Orleans brassband, called The Original Paraders.



Brassband gig in Eindhoven, Jos in between Jan Maas and Paul Brandes. 


The name of the brassband changed into Magnolia Brassband. 


In 1984 I joined the army, but I was lucky to play the trombone in "Fanfarekorps der Genie". 


Jos in his ceremonial outfit of the army in Denmark.


Jos playing trombone in the local carnival band. 


In about 1985 the name of the brassband changed again into David Livingstone Brassband.  



David Livingstone Brassband in the early nineties with Christ Vingerhoets (sd), Rob Adriaansen (trb), Frank Roberscheuten (ts), Richard Beeren (trp), Ad van Beerendonk (bd), Paul Brandes (sousaphone), Joep Habraken (trp), Jos de Brouwer (as), Bart Brouwer (trb).



Jos in David Livingstone Brassband outfit. 



Jos in between Rob Adriaansen (trb) and Tom Baker (ts), a very talented musician from Australia. The gig was in Dresden (Germany) in 1993.  


Jos and Frank doing a brassband gig.



In the early nineties I played some easy listening music with pianoplayer Tom Weerts, the name of this duo was Take it Easy. 


For several years I did a lot of Brassband work but I had not been in a jazzband since the Facontown Jazzband stopped in about 1985. Then in the late eighties a new band was born, called Natchez Steamboat Jazzband. 



The Natchez Steamboat often played in The Preservation Hall in Brussels (B).



Natchez Steamboat Jazzband in Center Parcs, with pianoplayer Sem van Houten.



Natchez Steamboat Jazzband playing again in Center Parcs, now with Tom Weerts on piano. Other members were Joep Habraken (trp), Rob Adriaansen (trb), Jos de Brouwer (sax), Paul Brandes (bass) and cousin Ad de Brouwer (dms). 



In 1991 we did some gigs on Stena Line ship Koningin Beatrix from Hook of Holland to Harwich (GB). Banjoplayer was John van Oorschot and bassplayer was Ad van Beerendonk.


In 1990 I graduated at the Brabants Conservatorium in Tilburg, since then I have been working as a music teacher.


In 1995 the name of the brassband changes again. The Happy Feet Brassband was born. A band which performed at many beautiful festivals; a band which went on till 2010. At the beautiful festival in Ascona (CH) we had Philippe de Smet on bassdrum and Earl Conway from New Orleans as a Grand Marshall. 


Jos on a mountain top near Celerina and St. Moritz (CH). 


Happy Feet Brassband on the mountain with Sven Kuepper on trombone and Colin Dawson on trumpet. 


Happy Feet Brassband in Celerina. Richard Beeren and Joep Habraken (trp), Bart Brouwer and Rob Adriaansen (trb), Jos de Brouwer (ts), Patrick Witberg (sousaphone), Ad de Brouwer (bd) and Christ Vingerhoets (sd). 


Happy Feet Brassband meets Leroy Jones at the Ascona Jazzfestival. 


Jos and Big Al Carson (singer) in Ascona (CH).


Happy Feet Brassband at Lago Maggiore in Ascona (CH). Jos de Brouwer, Richard Beeren, Christ Vingerhoets, Joep Habraken, Bart Brouwer, Ad de Brouwer, Patrick Witberg and Sven Kuepper.


Happy Feet Brassband in Circus Knok in Davos (CH). 


Open air concert in Orselina, near Ascona (CH).


Happy Feet Brassband in 2003 during a very successful tour with Grandmarshall Earl Conway from New Orleans, You see Frank Roberscheuten, Rob Adriaansen, Patrick Wirberg, Richard Beeren, Christ Vingerhoets, Joep Habraken, Jos de Brouwer, Ad de Brouwer, Bart Brouwer and Earl Conway.


Happy Feet Brassband in the garden of hotel Il Giardino in Ascona (CH). On the photo Stefan Lems, Patrick Witberg, Philippe de Smet, Richard Beeren, Jos de Brouwer, Joep Habraken, Bart Brouwer, Rob Adriaansen, Christ Vingerhoets, together with two Grandmarshalls from New Orleans, Emanuel Boutte and uncle Lionel Batiste. 


Jos and Leroy Jones. 


In 2007 the Happy Feet Brassband did a nice tour together with singer Lillian Boutte. The photo was after the concert in Duisburg (Germany). On the photo are Joep Habraken, Patrick Witberg, Daan Bogers, Rob Adriaansen, Lillian Boutte, Bart Brouwer, Stefan Lems, Petra Dallwitz, Christ Vingerhoets, Jos de Brouwer. 


Jos in Ascona, 2007.


Jos in Ascona, 2009. 


Happy Feet Brassband in Sassenheim, 2007.


Brassband gig in Scheveningen, 2009. 


Jos together with Naomi Adriaanz, who played alto during the last couple of years in the Happy Feet Brassband. 


Back to 2003, when I visited New Orleans. I played in a funeral parade, which was very impressive. Jos on the photo together with Grandmarshall Richard Matthews. 


Jos in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.  


Jos playing the alto saxophone in the concert band of UNA. 


Sometimes I play the soprano saxophone. 


Playing at a Night of the Proms 2008.


Solo on soprano.


After 37 years' membership of UNA I decided to leave and go on playing jazzmusic. 


Till now I haven't mentioned the name of The N'Awlins Brassband. I have been playing in this band since 1998 and I'm still having a lot of fun with those guys, like at the Jazzfestival of Davos (CH) in 2004. 


N'Awlins Brassband at the gala night of Unicef in Neuss (Germany). 


Every year you can find The N'Awlins Brassband playing on an old ship, called Passat, in Travemuende (Germany). 


N'Awlins Brassband in Zoot Suit outfit, in 2011.



After playing a few times at Easter Jazz festival in Davos, a new jazzband was born : Jos de Brouwer New Orleans Quintet.